Swedish derogation stands up in tribunal

The first reported AWR case has gone in the agency’s favour, confirming the legitimacy of the Swedish derogation model with employment rights and benefits.

On 29 May, Manpower won its case against a contractor in a tribunal over the agency’s AWR cost-mitigating pay between assignments employment contract.

Under AWR and the Swedish derogation model, contractors are not only entitled to equal treatment with permanent staff after 12 weeks, but payment between assignments. This pay is to cover a four week period, and is up to 50% of a contractor’s average monthly earnings.

This has been created to help with the temporary nature of contractor employment and to help keep them going between contracts.

Although the full details of the Manpower case haven’t been released yet, it’s good to know that the Swedish derogation model is tried and tested to be in line with employment rights.

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