From funny man to every day tax evasion

The first few months of the financial year have been busy, to say the least, what with taxation becoming high profile through Jimmy Carr and Take That’s avoidance, and Cameron’s reported haven. But it’s the lower profile cases – people working outside IR35 – that we’re more concerned with. And with the first rounds of the new IR35 consultation, tax isn’t a topic that’s about to die down any time soon.

The problem is, people are working but not paying national insurance. Limited company contracting gives them a way to do this, but people take a lot of risk; there’s no certain income and no employee benefits. And there’s possibly millions of limited companies out there. Some of them may be operating legitimately, and the government states that it does recognise them as a cornerstone of developing business. But many limited companies operate as a way for people to be creative with tax.

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