Umbrellas – making the irregular, regular

Often I’m asked what our unique selling point is. Surprisingly for some, it’s not enhanced take home pay. It is, in fact, this: We provide a platform that flexible workers can operate from while also having the security, convenience and regularity of full time employment.

This statement is true regardless of what the individual is looking to achieve; from securing a mortgage or assessing pension contributions, or working in the knowledge that the correct tax has been applied and deducted. Umbrellas smooth out the road so that thoughts can be on the job at hand rather than the onerous task of admin to enable the work to be done.

Sir Nick Montagu, former chairman of HMRC, once said that umbrellas make regular what would otherwise be irregular, and this is something I endorse fully as CEO of my business.

Whether for lots of short term assignments or sporadic working patterns, using an umbrella company ensures that the correct tax is applied and that employment remains a constant. They take away the worry about tax and pension contributions for individuals, and smooth out the road ahead for agencies with regards to Agency Workers Regulations and tax statuses of workers. Umbrella companies, specifically those that are purely PAYE based, provide a valuable service, not just in enhancing take home pay, but also in providing a smooth base to operate from.

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