Have you met Atlantic Umbrella?

So, carrying on from my last blog in which I talked about Crystal Umbrella, I would like to introduce another member of the Unitum Group, Atlantic Umbrella.

The group acquired Atlantic Umbrella in June 2011 because it had a similar ethos to Crystal Umbrella.

Modelling itself on helping others and providing an excellent service, Atlantic Umbrella works closely with every contact, whether they are agency clients or contractors. Its mantra is to be relationship-focused and to always go the extra mile.

With its own bespoke dispensation, which is vigorously checked week in week out to ensure compliance, Atlantic Umbrella is also audited and approved by Professional Passport. This gives it the added endorsement and assurance that the company’s processes are compliant and that contractors and clients remain protected.

Atlantic Umbrella operates from its new offices in Mayfair, London, and shares full head office resources at the parent company’s residence in Hertford.

Feel free to pop in for a coffee and meet the London team to experience the warm welcome of Atlantic Umbrella for yourself.

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