HMRC Name & Shame: National Minimum Wage

This weekend HMRC listed another 25 employers who have flaunted the national minimum wage rules and underpaid members of their staff.
What is fascinating is that they are all small employers and the real abusers are still being protected. A premier league football club was not named; yet had 3,000 workers underpaid and closer to home, a recruitment company was ordered to pay £167,000 yet wasn’t named either.  It seems that should a case be dealt with through the civil courts then the protection of the courts comes first and therefore taxpayer confidentiality applies.
This doesn’t seem fair, it’s almost like you would want to go to civil court, just to avoid being named and shamed.
I am sure that one of these companies will bring a case before the human rights court considering some of the shortages were only hundreds of pounds, yet the big employers got off without even a mention.
Umbrella companies should always be paying PAYE on at least the national minimum wage otherwise they too could find themselves either named and shamed or indeed in front of a civil court.

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