HMRC Issue New Guidance For Onshore Legislation

HMRC has issued new guidance for the reporting requirements of the new Onshore Legislation, however, they are not clear.   The guidance can be found via

Recruiters are advised to review this to ensure that they will be able to report the information required in readiness for April 2015.

I am sure most of the information is readily available but the most important question is still based on opinion.  Bearing in mind the legislation is now in force this is something recruiters should be addressing. As an innovative provider Unitum has invested significantly in professional and legal advice and has developed a status questionnaire which can be used to assist with determining whether a worker is subject to direction, supervision and control at their workplace. This free service is available on our new website  feel free to check it out and feedback is always welcome.

If you are a recruiter and wish to receive the results on the questionnaire please get in touch via the website and we will happily set this up for you.

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