Colin Howell FFA, FFTA, FMAAT, FIABColin's Thoughts

Having been a partner in his own accountancy practice, finance director for a private healthcare business, fellow of the Federation of Tax Advisers and a founder member of the Association of Employment Management Companies, Colin Howell has been well placed to contribute and advise both government and businesses alike.

Now the CEO of two very different umbrella companies, Crystal Umbrella, of which he was co-founder, and Atlantic Umbrella which was brought into the group in 2011, he plays an active role in the day to day running of the business and actively keeps up to date on industry developments.

It’s because of his working knowledge of tax, employment and contract law, along with the varied and challenging environment that umbrellas and providers operate in today, that we’ve set up this blog.

This way you can get Colin’s thoughts on the goings on that affect contractors, agencies and umbrella companies, in this busy time of change for employment and tax legislation.

Crystal Umbrella                          Atlantic Umbrella